San Sebastian International Film Festival 2021 New Directors

Press & Industry Screening:

20 Sept – 08:30 AM, Sala Principal

World Premiere:

20 Sept – 12:30 PM, Kursaal 2


21 Sept – 16:30 PM, Trueba 2
22 Sept – 16:45 PM, Antiguo Berri 8

The director Darko Sinko is available for interviews.

INVENTORY (INVENTURA), directed by Darko Sinko, is celebrating its World Premiere at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in the New Directors section. The thriller-comedy tells the story of an ordinary life being disrupted by inexplicable events changing the way to look at the world forever.

Boris Robič is as we say an ordinary man. One night, while reading his newspaper, the window crashes behind him. Somebody has just shot at him. But Boris has absolutely no enemies at all, there are no suspects – he seems to be a completely uninteresting man to kill. Since there are no leads and no clues, the police close the investigation. Boris tries to live his life as he did before, but he cannot forget what happened. He starts to investigate on his own. To his surprise, he discovers that he could be hated by more people than he could have ever imagined.

Darko Sinko (1979) graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Academy for Theater, Film and TV, both in Ljubljana. He has co-directed and produced several documentaries. His short film Schoolmates (2014) received the Best Screenplay Award at the 2015 Festival of Slovenian Film. Sinko’s filmography includes three mid-length documentaries: Little Houses (2014, co-directed with Matjaž Ivanišin); Revolt (2013); This Is Where I Live (2011). INVENTORY is his first fiction feature.

INVENTORY is produced by Vlado Bulajić DECEMBER (SLOVENIA).
With the support of the Slovenian Film Centre.


106 Min. / 1,85:1 / 5.1 / Slovenia 2021 / Color / Feature




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