Press & Industry: SUN, 30 June – 4 PM @ Cinema C
World Premiere:  SUN, 30 June – 7 PM @ Karlovy Vary Theatre

Director Paolo Tizón is available for interviews.

NIGHT HAS COME (Vino la noche) by Paolo Tizón is celebrating its world premiere in the Proxima Competition at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2024. The documentary is the only Ibero-American film in both competitive sections of this year’s edition of the festival.

NIGHT HAS COME is a careful and intimate study on masculinity in a closed military environment dominated by old stereotypes, violence and existential threats. Individual stories of compassion and care contrast a system explicitly created to annihilate vulnerability and doubt.

A group of young men, many of them teenagers, voluntarily enlist in one of the most rigorous military training programs in Latin America. They are driven by their desire to engage in an ongoing armed conflict in the dangerous VRAEM region, an area known for the military intervention framed by a ‘war on drugs’ policy. They aspire to become ‘men of war’ and embark on a transformative journey from hopeful adventurers to soldiers. Amidst the violence in the secluded military environment in Peru, intimate moments unfold beyond a prejudiced gaze, with compassion and care blossoming among them.

Paolo Tizón is a Peruvian director based in Spain. His main interests are the pre-Hispanic artistic manifestations in Peru and the contemporary role of the Armed Forces in his country. He graduated from Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola in Spain, specializing in Audiovisual and Film Creation. He has directed the short films, “Sobre el Cerro Lechuza” (2020) and “Soroborda” (2023), which were screened at international festivals such as San Sebastian International Film Festival, ULTRAcinema in Mexico, and Al Este de Lima in Peru. NIGHT HAS COME is his first feature film.

NIGHT HAS COME is produced by Diana Castro (General and Executive Producer), Paolo Tizón (Executive Producer). The main production company is Cinesol Films (Peru) in collaboration with Tupay Cine (Peru), PCM Post (Mexico), and Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola (Spain).
The film is funded by DAFO – Ministry of Culture of Peru. Press material:

95 min. / Peru, Spain, Mexico 2024 / Color

Production Company:
Cinesol Films
Ave. Sanchez Carrion 1049 Jesus Maria, Lima, 15076 Peru

International Festival Distribution:
Lorena Tulini



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