World Premiere: Sun, 19 March – 16:30, Grand Teatret + Q&A

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Director Erik Gandini is available for interviews in Copenhagen.

AFTER WORK by Erik Gandini is celebrating its World Premiere in the International Main Competition DOX:AWARD at CPH:DOX 2023 on March, 19th.

After celebrated films such as “The Swedish Theory of Love” and “Videocracy” director Erik Gandini with AFTER WORK sets out to discover the nature of work in the 21st century on the rise of artificial intelligence.


Our society is a work society. From childhood we are taught to be result oriented and competitive. As automation and artificial intelligence exceed human capacity, we will be forced to rethink the role work plays in our lives: the majority of jobs that exist today could vanish in a few decades. The debate about the consequences of this has been dominated by technology experts and economists and often painted as a sci-fi dystopia. What is absent is the human perspective, in the sense of a look at what this will mean to us as human beings. With characters and narratives across four continents, the film seeks an existential answer to what work means today, what things could be like in the future and what will happen to us when we don’t work.

AFTER WORK is shot in the USA, Italy, Kuwait and Korea. The cinematographer is Fredrik Wenzel (“Triangle of Sadness”, “The Square”, “We Are Who We Are”), the editor is Johan Söderberg (“The Swedish Theory of Love”, “Videocracy”, “Surplus”). The music, composed by Söderberg, is arranged by Christoffer Berg from Ali Abbasis “The Border” and recorded in the Ennio Morricone studio in Rome.

Erik Gandini is an Italian-Swedish film director, writer, and producer and professor of documentary film at Stockholm University of the Arts. He has produced and directed numerous internationally acclaimed documentaries including “Surplus – Terrorized into Being Consumers” which won the Main Prize at IDFA 2003 and was screened at over 70 festivals around the world. “Videocracy” was shown at the Venice Film Festival, Toronto IFF, IDFA in 2009 and was nominated for a DOX:AWARD at CPH:DOX. In 2015, “The Swedish Theory of Love” premiered at the Stockholm International Film Festival and went on a successful international festival tour (CPH:DOX, IDFA) and was theatrically released in many territories. He produced “The Raft” by Marcus Lindeen which won numerous international awards, e.g. the main competition at CPH:DOX in 2018.

AFTER WORK is produced by Jesper Kurlandsky of Fasad, Sweden and co-produced by Propaganda Italia (Marina Marzotto and Mattia Oddone) in collaboration with Rai Cinema, Swedish Television (Axel Arnö and Asta Dalman), Film I Väst (Jenny Luukkonen), Sweden, Indie Film (Carsten Aanonsen), Norway and VPRO (Barbara Truyen), Netherlands & Geo Television (Arno Becker), Germany.

81 min. / Sweden, Italy, Norway 2023 / Color




Stills: © Fredrik Wenzel / © Måns Månsson